Will my neighbours know I am getting this work done?

No, we use unmarked vans and if anybody asks what we are doing for you, we normally say we are fitting thermal insulation.

Will there be mess?

We do our upmost to keep the areas as tidy as possible, using dustsheets and cleaning any mess, leaving areas as we found them. All work Insured.

Will I have to empty my room?

No, we will do this for you, and we’ll also put everything back in place afterwards.

What is the finish?

For our walls and ceilings we use plaster or tape and fill, and our floors are finished with your original flooring, or we can leave them prepared and ready for any new flooring you would like to fit.

Does it work?

The solutions provided by Premier Soundproofing greatly improve the dB reduction of any area in which they are fitted; the percentage improvement is around 80% or even better, depending on the structure of the building.

Premier Soundproofing works hard to offer affordable solutions that work; 100% noise reduction is achievable. All work is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. We will also provide you with a certificate of soundproofing.

How long does it take?

Installation generally takes around one day per wall, ceiling or floor.

Why did the company change name ?

Due to a new and exciting partnership, ensuring we always deliver the best solutions through every market place.


In the unlikely event of you finding our system fitted not as effective as promised. We will upgrade FREE of charge.

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